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Story Visualization System Updates

A quick tour of our system prior to launching the first version of our software! If you are ready to turn your script, novel or short story into a multimedia world, this guide is for you.

The AI-collaborative Hong Kong movie posters that take you to a future in the past that never existed. 

On July 21st, Lore Machine dropped its first manga publication. The partner-driven work was brought to life alongside HP’s gaming laptop OMEN, Sci-Fi writer Phil Gelatt and Anonymous Content’s The Lab. 

In 1953, legendary science fiction writer Clifford D. Simak published Strangers In The Universe, a short story anthology of galactic depth. In 2023, Lore Machine brings it into the audio-visual realm. 

Lore Machine launches a 136-page generative recreation of Samuel T Coleridge's epic nautical disaster story Rime of the Ancient Mariner, complete with a generative soundscape.

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